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Introducing paramedical peel treatments at Alpine Beginnings Beauty…

Beauty shines through the faces of women at all ages and stages of their lives. However, when it comes down to it, we’d all like to look a little younger. When it comes to anti-ageing, La Clinica are up there with the best, with a range of products that actually work for different skin types and different stages of skin development or ageing. In their quest for youthful skin, La Clinica recently introduced the new Age Reversal 5 Layer Peel Treatment Series, now available at Alpine Beginnings Beauty. This is a series of paramedical facial peel treatments promoting deep peeling, exfoliation and skin renewal. The result is softer, smoother, flawless and younger looking, more hydrated skin.

Paramedical treatments contain more active ingredients in higher concentrations than cosmeceutical treatments (which are themselves more powerful than over-the-counter skin products). Paramedical products are medically and clinically developed, enabling the deepest delivery of ingredients to be most effective where your skin needs them the most. This is yet another increase in the treatment menu offered at Alpine Beginnings Beauty and I am proud and excited to introduce this powerful treatment to my cherished clients.

Facial peels work by removing layers of old, tired skin, and allowing the new, younger skin cells to come to the surface, diminishing wrinkles, dryness, age spots, clogged pores and other flaws. This process promotes new skin cell growth and is the most powerful, non-surgical way of achieving youthful looking skin. Paramedical peels go deeper than regular peels, exfoliating more skin cells and clogged skin layers and thereby promoting and stimulating more growth and renewal of your complexion than otherwise available.

The human skin is amazing – it produces over 5 billion new skin cells per day! Paramedical peels maximise the body’s regenerative powers, taking full advantage of natural skin renewal.

Paramedical peels are incredibly potent; La Clinica’s Age Reversal Facial Peel helps to turn back the clock on problems such as:

  • ageing skin
  • wrinkles
  • enlarged pores
  • dryness
  • thick textured skin
  • acne
  • acne scarring
  • excessive pigmentation and
  • dehydration

Unlike at-home, do-it-yourself peels, which are in fact exfoliants misleadingly as peels, in-salon peels administered by a professional actually have a significant impact on your appearance. As a guide, there are 5 levels of peel, with Paramedical Peels one step below medical peels:

  1. At-home Exfoliation removal of already-dead skin cells using over the counter products; manual scrubs and masks
  2. Aesthetic Exfoliation in-salon treatment that uses light enzyme peels and scrubs to disturb skin cells still attached during the shedding process, dead cells are removed earlier and faster than using at-home products
  3. Micro-Resurfacing – removes shedding skin cells as well as the next layer of live cells, removing imperfections and diminishing fine lines using a combination of enzyme peels and micro-dermabrasion
  4. Paramedical Peels – sheds all surface skin cells removing deep scarring and deep lining, hyper-pigmentation and years of environmental damage. Paramedical peels use a combination of acids, retinol and vitamins
  5. Medical Peels – a medically performed treatment removing all layers of the epidermis and touching part of the underlying dermis, sometimes used by medical professionals in the removal of excessive skin cancers.

Due to its paramedical potency, the Age Reversal Treatment Series is a professional-only facial treatment.

It uses La Clinica products formulated with powerful cosmeceutical ingredients including retinol, fruit enzymes, 5 acids, niacinamide and vitamin C. There are 5 different stages to the Age Reversal Treatment, which are an enzyme peel, retinol peel, 5 acids peel (AHA’s, BHA’s and PHA’s), followed by an enzyme mask and a multi-fruit  acid serum.

This strong and active combination produces real results and produces a visible and tangible difference in the quality, youthfulness and uniformity of your complexion.

The Age Reversal paramedical 5 layer peel treatments are most effective when experienced in a series of 4-6, but can be also booked individually as a one off facial.

The specialised and powerful Age Reversal Facial Peel treatments are only $195 each. However a 20% discount is available when you book a series of 4 or more paramedical peels for maximum results, paying only $624 for 4 treatments.

Book now to turn back the clock with your Age Reversal salon treatment on elisa@alpinebeginningsbeauty.com.au or 0411 355 897, or online at www.alpinebeginningsbeauty.com.au


Much love,

Elisa xx