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Whiten your teeth in just 40 minutes!

Whiten your teeth in just 40 minutes!

Teeth Whitening in one salon treatment only!

Our teeth whitening system works through the use of patented blue light technology, which increases the potency of whitening, in a fraction of the time and cost of other treatments. The teeth whitening treatment is simple, safe and painless. It uses a double-sided mouthpiece with a special whitening agent, inserted into your mouth to effectively cover both your upper and lower teeth. Simply sit and relax while the blue LED light is positioned so that it focuses light directly onto the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece acts as a lens to activate the whitening agent within.

In just 20 – 40 minutes you will see fantastic results! Here’s why:

  •  It’s the most effective system available, using a combination of blue LED light, a whitening formula and a whitening accelerator
  • Completely safe, and doesn’t require multiple treatments or medical procedures to achieve dramatic results
  • Takes only 20 – 40 minutes – one in-salon treatment only!
  • Brightens teeth typically 6-14 shades in one go
  • It is completely safe for crowns, bridges and veneers.
  • No need to avoid coffee or red wine – you can enjoy your favourite things only 24 hours later
  • Lasts for 1-2 years with no return treatments!



Woohoo…ABB is reopening!!

Woohoo…ABB is reopening!!

Yes, it’s true!

As of 1st June…
I am delighted to share this news!
I have just received confirmation that I can now REOPEN ABB for In Salon Treatments on 1st June!

Q. I missed my appointment, do I have to do anything?
A. No. As I have been closed for about 8 weeks, I have missed many of your appointments. If you had an appointment that I was unable to fulfil, you don’t have to do anything, I will be contacting you shortly. Over the past weeks, I have been planning and organising my schedule to ensure I can see as many of you as soon as possible.
If you didn’t have an appointment already booked prior to the restrictions but would like one, please click the link below to add your name to the waitlist and I will contact you shortly.

Q. If I come to ABB for a treatment, will I be safe?
A. Safety has always been my number one concern and a priority when reopening ABB. In order to maintain a safe work environment for myself and my family, I must adhere to a number of health and safety precautions designated by NSW Health. I have also obtained the Covid19 Infection Control Certificate and I have developed a Covid 19 plan that guides my daily procedures.

Q. What safety / infection controls take place at ABB?
A. To operate I satisfy the following NSW Health safety guidelines; the cleaning and sanitising of equipment and salon surfaces, hand washing and the wearing of gloves and a mask, disposables are used wherever possible and there is new bedding for every treatment. All instruments are sterilised in a TGA certified autoclave. Only 1 client will be able to enter ABB premises at a time.

Q. As a client, do I need to fulfil any precautions?
A. Yes, I will ask that all clients that visit ABB for treatment complete the following;
The Covid 19 consultation form which will be sent to you via SMS a few days prior to your appointment. This must be completed and returned digitally to ABB prior to your appointment . Non compliance will result in refusal of entry and cancellation of your appointment.
Whilst attending ABB please :
1. Sanitise hands before entering the front door (sanitiser provided)
2. Remove shoes upon entry
3. Maintain social distancing wherever possible
4. Use contactless payment if possible

Q. What if I am not feeling well?
A. If you are not well or have been in contact with anyone who has Covid 19, I ask that you consider the health and safety of my clients, myself and my family and reschedule your appointment.

Q. Do I have to arrive early for my appointment.
A. Please ensure that you arrive a few minutes before your scheduled appointment time and wait at the front door for me to greet you.
To ensure that infection control procedures are a priority, I have allocated additional time between each client to ensure social distancing and Covid 19 cleaning procedures can be performed.

I look forward to seeing you and providing outstanding service as I reopen ABB for in salon treatments on 1st June 2020.


Reopening Information

Reopening Information

I’m still standing but not yet open for in salon treatments!

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Sadly, as you all know, I have had to suspend in salon treatments as directed by the government 5 weeks ago. Despite these restrictions, ABB is ‘still standing’ and continues to offer at home treatments and the online shop is always open!

Recently some restrictions have been lifted, allowing some services to reopen. Unfortunately Beauty Therapists must remain CLOSED until further notice.

When I am given the approval to reopen, you will be the first to know!

Once opened, you don’t have to do anything, I will be in touch. I will be rescheduling all appointments that I have been unable to fulfil and preference will be given to those clients whose appointments were the first to be cancelled.

Thank you again for your patience and support.

Trust me, I can’t wait to open and resume in salon treatments.

Take care

School’s Out At-Home Facial Packs Out Now

School’s Out At-Home Facial Packs Out Now

Yeah! We made it through Week 1 of Home Schooling!

It is time to celebrate with a relaxing at home treatment for 2!
As you may be aware, Alpine Beginnings Beauty has suspend temporarily all IN-SALON treatments due to STAGE 2 restrictions implemented by the government.

I wanted to take the opportunity to remind all of my valued customers that the ABB online store is still open for skincare and makeup purchases.

As your skincare expert, I would like to continue to offer my advice and services from a distance. I have created four exclusive packages that you can give yourself at home. Each package is designed to suit a range of skin types.

Let me introduce the first package;
If you would like to purchase the package for an additional child the cost is just $10 per child.

** Stay tuned for more of my great AT HOME treatment packages to come!
Free local delivery.
Buy your At-Home Treatment Here

Temporarily Closed

Temporarily Closed

I am deeply saddened to announce Alpine Beginnings Beauty will be temporarily closed for all IN SALON treatments due to stage 2 restrictions.

While it is devastating for myself and my family, we can only look forward with hope.
All skincare, makeup and my latest AT HOME treatments can still be purchased using my online store or by contacting me directly.

For those of you who have purchased gift vouchers and IPL treatment packages, they will be honoured when I can reopen in the future.

Upon reopening, I will be in contact with each of you that have a current booking and you will be booked in with priority. I ask for your patience and understanding during this time.

Take care of yourselves,
Love Elisa xx
ph 0411355897



Alpine Beginnings Beauty remains open and I continue to provide treatments and products – being mindful of the current COVID-19 Coronavirus situation.

The wellbeing of my clients, myself and my family has always been my priority and remains my focus.

Strict hygiene standards are something I uphold on a daily basis, ensuring all surfaces and equipment are cleaned, disposable beauty applicators, supplies and gloves are used and I adhere to the state health requirements.

On arrival at the salon for your appointment I ask that:
  • you use the hand sanitiser placed at the front door prior to entry
  • if you have cold and flu symptoms please do not attend your appointment and contact me on 0411355897 to reschedule
  • if you have recently travelled overseas, please do not enter the salon and practice self isolation for 14 days as required by NSW Health Infectious Diseases Fact Sheet

Please contact me via email elisa@alpinebeginningsbeauty.com.au or phone me on 0411355897if you have any questions or concerns.

I will continue to monitor the situation and will update accordingly with any changes.

Elisa xx