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Collagen induction therapy


Dermapen is an incredibly versatile skin care device and can assist in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, pigment correction and reduction of scarring. It is suitable for use across a broad age group and for all skin types.

The needling device used in conjunction with the serum which is pushed into your skin during the procedure creates a healing cascade reaction within the layers of your skin, inducing collagen production and creating a better skin texture.

It is not recommended to have a dermapen procedure performed the week of a special event, as it does require some down time.

Dermapen, what to expect

Your skin will be cleansed with a gentle cleanser to ensure all make up has been removed, then a chlorhexidine solution is used to create a sterile field.

The dermapen 12 needle oscillating pen is single use only and this sterile tip will be inserted into the dermapen device.

Serum will be applied to your skin and the dermapen will push the product into your skin, and then pen will pass over each section of skin 4 times.

The aim on the day is to achieve pin point bleeding but not active bleeding!

Once the dermapen procedure is complete, a cooling sheet mask will be applied to your skin, any remaining spots of blood will be removed and light therapy will be applied.


Dermapen after care

You may experience a feeling of tightness or something similar to a mild sunburn.

It is important to keep your skin dry for 5 hours after the procedure, and try not to touch your face, this reduced the chance of an infection occurring.

You can apply cooled sheet masks, or take Panadol and an antihistamine if you wish, but most people do not need to take anything.

The next day you can continue with your usual skin care routine, please ensure that you apply sunscreen daily! You may wish to cease the use of retinol and AHA products for approximately 3 days, is it might sting a bit more than usual while you are healing.

You may notice that your skin peels lightly, please follow your usual exfoliation routine as part of your regular skin care.

Ultimately you would continue with light therapy twice a week between sessions.

See you again in 6 weeks!


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