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Happy New Year to all of my gorgeous clients! I hope you found time to relax with your loved ones over the holiday period. My family and I were lucky enough to spend Christmas and New Years in Bali. We had a wonderful time; the boys enjoyed their activities, and I had great fun indulging in two of my favourite past-times…. relaxing and shopping! And of course, an important part of relaxation is being absolutely and utterly pampered. All in the name of research, of course!

All jokes aside, we can learn a lot from Balinese beauty therapy techniques. In such a beautiful place, where relaxation is on everybody’s agenda, the Balinese have become artists. I wanted to improve my massage techniques, and in particular focus on massage associated with facials and beauty therapy, so I attended a traditional Balinese massage course and had a number of Ayurvedic facial treatments (oh the things we do for work!). The traditional Shirodara involves an intense scalp massag e followed by flowing essential oils onto the third eye. The goal is to create harmony and balance within the body’s shakras. The technique soothes and invigorates the senses and the mind, it definitely worked on me!

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At the Thalasso Spa, I found the contrast between traditional Balinese massage and French style massage to be very interesting. I have to say, I loved the strong, flowing style of the French massage; working across and along the muscles, and I think this has great applicability to calf and feet massages during pedicures.

In the hot Balinese climate, facials were a must to cool and nourish the skin. One facial I experienced even used iced cubes directly on the skin, it was freezing but also very invigorating! I chose facials which used organic products, and found some wonderful oils to bring home with me.

I am now incorporating elements of what I learned in my own treatments, particularly my facials which all include a deluxe scalp massage as well as neck and shoulder treatment. Relaxation is such an important part of skin revival and overall well-being. Massage is also an essential component of my Deluxe Pedicures and Manicures, in which a simple beautifying step becomes a decadent, pampering experience.

I have expanded my product line to include Alila Living Signature and Reviving essential oils, available only during treatments. These Balinese oils are coconut oil-based, free from parabens, sodium laurel sulphate, petrochemicals, synthetic substances and any artificial colours or fragrances. I love them!

The Alila Living Signature massage oil is a soothing blend of lavender, lemongrass and ylang ylang, creating the perfect antidote to tiredness and tension.

The Alila Living Reviving massage oil combines lemon, rosemary and petitgrain to deliver a refreshing experience that will leave you energised and renewed.

I also now have a limited edition of the Therapy Spa Seriously Soothing serum available for purchase. Therapy serums are completely free of artificial chemicals and preservatives, chemical scents or other unnatural substances and are sourced from organic ingredients. The Seriously Soothing serum makes a fantastic boost to your daily beauty regime. It can be used in addition to your usual daily moisturiser to add a significant lift to dehydrated or stressed skin, and is a must in our harsh climate.

The Seriously Soothing serum comes in a convenient handbag-sized vial, and at only $20 is the perfect solution for a moisture boost on the run or as one of your travel essentials.

Elisa xx

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