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MARCH MADNESS on IPL facial treatments!

Have you over exposed your skin to the sun?
Does you skin need a boost to improve tone and texture?
Are you tired of plucking and waxing that facial hair?
Are there pigment sun spots and skin discolouration you want to say good bye to?

After 10 years in business, it was time to really take charge and invest in the best technology for my clients. At ABB, we now have instore the most versatile IPL technology that delivers all core IPL treatments. You can make the most of this technology during the month of March and enjoy 3 IPL facial treatments only for the price of 2!

Treatments for your FACE that you may receive as part of this offer;
– IPL facial hair removal
– vascular therapy
– pigmentation correction
– photo rejuvenation
– acne management
– Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Take advantage of this incredible offer today and discover how a glowing face can be yours!
3 for 2 OFFER!